Air Cadet League

What is Air Cadet League of Canada

Founded in 1941, the Air Cadet League of Canada consists of its National Headquarters, situated in Ottawa, and 12 Provincial/Territorial Committees. The League, in partnership with the Department of National Defense, provides support for the 450+ Air Cadet squadrons, spread across our entire great nation. 25,000 cadets, committed and passionate young men and women between the ages of 12 and 18, are enrolled in these squadrons.

The aims of the Air Cadet League are:

  • To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership;
  • To promote physical fitness; and
  • To stimulate the interest of youth in the aviation and aerospace industry, including the air element of the Canadian Forces.

Since 2005, the League has entered into over 10 formal Memoranda of Understanding / Letters of Agreement with various elements of Canada's aviation and aerospace industry.

Of interest, figures received on a regular basis from Transport Canada and the Canadian Airline Pilots Association reveal that one out of every five private pilots in Canada, at the present time, are ex-Air cadets, and that 63 percent of the commercial airline pilots flying today also had their start as Air Cadets.