How to Offer Program

CCAA is happy to assist new high schools set up an Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program in their school.  The course is an orientation to the industry and an introduction to college level training.

The curriculum has learning outlines, sample lesson plans and practical projects that total 300 hours, allowing instructors to choose the materials most relevant for their class.  Offer in its entirety the program can be offered over three years with aviation related workplace components.

This program focuses on seven major areas and it looks at the habits found in a typical work environment:

  • Safety – provides safety suggestions for tools, machinery and individual safety. This section also looks basics in WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and fire safety.
  • Avionics – focuses on the electronics found in aviation. The students are introduced to concepts of basic electricity and electronics and how they apply to aircraft systems. Work consists of bench work, theory and area related projects.
  • Powerplant – investigates the engine of the aircraft, concepts found in a 4-cycle reciprocating engine. Students look at the mechanisms and components found in the engine including it’s parts and the purpose it serves inside the engine.
  • Systems – includes a variety of areas and sub-systems within the aircraft. These include hydraulics, pneumatics, gauges, aircraft mechanisms and overall integration systems of the aircraft.
  • Structure – includes a range of skills from riveting to assembly of the aircraft skin and fuselage components. Sheet metal fabrication as it applies to the aircraft industry is introduced.
  • Aircraft Practices – investigates the working knowledge of the aircraft and aerodynamics. The students look at aspects of maintenance and servicing required to keep an aircraft airworthy.
  • Flight Fundamentals – focuses on the knowledge for a student to consider a career as a pilot. Topics include: Navigation, Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Flight Controls.

The curriculum was developed in consultation with stakeholders in the industry and is an important component of the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace’s strategic plan.  The continued successful of this project will generate a major increase in participation and school/community based career experiences.

If you are interested in participating in or offering the Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program or have any questions, please contact Senior Project Manager Theresa Davis Woodhouse at 1-800-448-9715 ext. 247 or at

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