Career Opportunities

Today’s aviation maintenance and aerospace industry holds a wealth of opportunity as it is one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada and the world. Despite our relatively small economy (in global terms), the Canadian aerospace industry ranks among the top five in the world and has job opportunities that are among the most exciting, interesting, and challenging careers out there.

The range of knowledge needed to design, build and keep these high-speed machines safely in the air is vast, employing engineers, designers, technicians, mechanics, machinists, technologists, and inspectors who may specialize in physics, chemistry, hydraulics, pneumatics, metallurgy, welding, avionics, composites, gas dynamics, and microelectronics—just to name a few.

Careers in aviation and aerospace are not limited simply to being a pilot or a flight attendant. In fact, most jobs are in manufacturing, and in maintenance, repair and overhaul. As a member of Canada’s aviation and aerospace industry, you will serve both domestic and international markets, in manufacturing or servicing, repairing, overhauling, or retrofitting many types of aircraft and their components.

These jobs can take place at airplane hangers, airports, approved maintenance organizations, machine shops, manufacturing companies, on the flight line, in an approved training organization, and in the Air Force. You might work on engines, avionics systems, landing gears, or flight simulators.

You could design or build the plane or pieces of it. You could assemble the plane, inspect it or fix it.

Why Choose a Career In Aviation and Aerospace?

  • The hourly wages for most jobs in the industry are above the national average.
  • The unemployment rate is below the average for other skilled occupations.
  • The skills you will learn are transferable throughout Canada and the world – the variety of opportunities and challenges are vast.
  • Career opportunities are expected to grow steadily – it is a thriving industry and skilled professionals are needed in all areas of the industry.
  • The aviation and aerospace industry offers a high level of job satisfaction.
  • There are opportunities to move up the career ladder as your experience and talents expand.
  • Voluntary industry certification is available from the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace – proving the highest degree of professional competence.

Type of Occupation in Aviation and Aerospace

Aircraft Refueller
Aviation Special Processes Technician

Aerospace Materials Specialist
Aviation Non-Destructive Inspection Technician
Aviation Welding Technician
Industrial Technicians and Technologists
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Avionics Maintenance Technician
Aviation and Aerospace Mechanical Technician and Technologist
Chemical Technicians and Technologists
Sheet Metal Worker
Electrical and Electronics Technicians and Technologists
Aviation Electrical / Electronics / Instrument Component Technician
Aircraft Simulator Technician
Aircraft Structures Technician
Aircraft Interior Technician
Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician*
Aviation Painter
Aviation Ground Services Attendant
Aviation and Aerospace Engineers
Aviation Machinist
Aviation Maintenance Inspector
Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician
Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Technician

You can also consider training and jobs with the Canadian Air Force.  See the following link for information on rewarding careers with DND.