Sheet Metal Worker

Working, Forming, Shaping, Building the Future

With expert hand/eye co-ordination and doctor-like precision, Sheet Metal Workers make, assemble, install and repair sheet metal components including fuselage, nacelles and flight control surfaces.

Sheet Metal Workers have to be able to read blueprints and mechanical drawings, have an in-depth knowledge and mastery of their skill, and be able to work under time-sensitive deadlines while always maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Sheet Metal Workers operate laser and plasma cutting equipment as well as light metalworking machines such as shears, brakes, punches and drill presses. Sheet Metal Workers also have to inspect the quality of their work and make sure that everything conforms to strict aviation and aerospace industry specifications.


To become a Sheet Metal Workers, you must have a high school diploma. Additional training is usually provided by the employer or by a public education facility involved in aviation or aeronautical maintenance and technology programs.


Your career as a Sheet Metal Workers can lead to opportunities working for manufacturers of complete aircraft including helicopters, aircraft subassemblies, systems and aeronautical products or for specialized aviation machine facilities.