Aircraft Refueller

Aircraft can't get off the ground without fuel, and being responsible for the safe handling and accurate delivery of the volatile jet fuels used by modern aircraft is a crucial task performed by Aircraft Refuellers. Definitely not just a gas jockey, the Aircraft Refuellers are trained in a variety of fuel dispatch and delivery functions, because fuelling up an aircraft is anything but simple.

Using hand-based or more complex pumps, filter trucks, or tanker trucks that drive right up to aircraft for on-the-fly fuelling, you are responsible for the safe and proper delivery of your jet fuel payload. On top of that, Refuellers are trained as advanced firefighters, and must show great care and concern for safety and awareness on the ramp, reliability, attention to detail, and especially environmental awareness.

This role requires strong teamwork skills and an excellent customer service attitude, as you are providing a vital service to private, commercial, and military clients.

Career Pathway

Completion of Secondary School is required. Training can be acquired in aviation general maintenance at a community college. Gaining experience and your license as a heavy equipment operator, in safety training, in firefighting proficiency, in airside security, or a driving permit is often obtained or facilitated in-company.

Job Titles

Some of the job titles available in this occupation include:

  • Aviation Into Plane Agent
  • Aviation Fuelling Dispatcher
  • Aviation Fuelling Instructor
  • Tank Farm Operator



CAMC Certification is available with a minimum of 1 year's experience in the occupation, for either pressure or non-pressure refuelling.