Aircraft Simulator Technician

Virtual reality meets the aviation and aerospace industry. Airline operators, aerospace specialists and training facilities maintain entire fleets of simulators to train pilots and test systems.

As an Aircraft Simulator Technician, your career opens the door to the maintenance and repair of digital and analog circuits, mechanical parts, hydraulic systems and components. You will also assist your team through diagnostic tests and interpret results using the latest in virtual and computer-based simulator technology. As this next-generation aviation professional, you have to be able to operate systems and make sure all simulators perform according to industry specifications. Aircraft Simulator Technicians have to be qualified electrical or electronics technicians and must meet the highest demands of technological changes affecting the aviation and aerospace industry worldwide.


To become an Aircraft Simulator Technician, you need a high school diploma and additional college training at a certified training facility. See the College and University section for more information.


A career as an Aircraft Simulator Technician can lead to exciting opportunities with airline operators, training and simulation facilities as well as aerospace organizations. The environment is state-of-the-art high tech featuring the latest in aviation simulation, visual displays and computer systems.