Avionics Maintenance Technician

Avionics is the study and practice of complex electronic and electrical systems including navigation, guidance systems, communications, surveillance and flight control. Critical to safe and timely operation of all aircraft on the ground and in the air, thorough and up-to-date knowledge of avionics opens the door to numerous employment opportunities in the aviation and aerospace industries.

As an Avionics Maintenance Technician, you're a master of aircraft micro-processor technology, you're on the front-line doing tests, calibrations, repairs and maintenance on state-of-the-art systems including "fly by wire", auto flight, global positioning and satellite navigation. Fascinated with sophisticated electronics systems, a good Avionics Maintenance Technician is an excellent team player with solid communication skills and a tireless commitment to safety and excellence. This is arguably one of the most demanding trades in aviation.


To become an Avionics Maintenance Technician you must have a high school diploma with strong grades in English, communications and mathematics; you will then complete a college program in Electrical and Electronics or specialized training at a certified college or training facility.


A career as an Avionics Maintenance Technician opens the door to airports, aviation electronic shops, airlines, helicopter operations, aircraft manufacturers and repair facilities and aerospace organizations. There are many avenues open to experienced Avionics Maintenance Technicians, for instance you can be certified by the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC)* and/or become an Aviation Maintenance Engineer (AME)(E), which is a Transport Canada licensed trade.