Aircraft Interior Technician

Aircraft Interior Technicians are responsible for maintaining the quality of aircraft interiors and cabin furnishings including safety, survival and evacuation equipment such as rafts, flotation devices and escape slides.

This trade is also responsible for aircraft reconfigurations, such as changing from cargo to passenger or passenger to cargo, and aircraft interior seating arrangements: First class, Business class, Economy class, etc. From headliners, carpet and cabinets through to panels, coverings, seats and bulkheads, these aviation experts have to assess, remove, repair and reinstall everything and anything that has to do with interior components. As diverse are the tasks, as diverse are the skills and the challenges. Aircraft Interior Technicians are master craftspeople that also have to be excellent team players that pay tireless attention to details and the highest maintenance and safety standards.


Aircraft Interior Technicians have a high school diploma and have benefited from an apprenticeship or college training program. See the College and University section for more information.


As a consummate team player and professional, Aircraft Interior Technicians have promising careers as part of larger units working for airlines or major repair and overhaul companies and manufacturers. The Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC) can also certify you*.