Aviation Maintenance Inspector

When something as big and complex as an airplane is being built and maintained, and people's lives depend on it working perfectly every time, there are countless checks, balances and verifications during the process.

An Aviation Maintenance Inspector (AMI) makes sure aircraft parts, systems, instruments and engines meet all requirements and that an aircraft is 100% airworthy. An AMI also supervises the work of the mechanics and technicians and checks overall airline maintenance practices and inventory. In some organizations, AMI's plan and implement every aspect of inspection techniques to ensure that the quality of aircraft repairs and the maintenance performed meet the highest and strictest industry standards. If you have strong communication skills, are super cool under pressure and have a sixth sense for details, this mission critical career might be for you.


To start this exciting career you must have a high school diploma and work towards industry qualifications such as certification to a Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC) occupational standard or CAMC approved experience and training* or an Aviation Maintenance Engineer (AME) license.


As an Aviation Maintenance Inspector, you can work for an airline, a maintenance or repair facility, an aerospace organization, government agencies or the military. There are three general classes of Aviation Inspectors:

  • 1- Aircraft Inspector can be an AME who releases aircraft and aircraft products;
  • 2- Component Inspectors works in an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) or manufacturing facility, and releases aircraft components after repair. He/she can be involved in the company Quality Control/Assurance program and in some cases, acts as the company QA manager; and
  • 3- Incoming Inspector checks incoming material against rigid industry specifications.