Chemical Technicians and Technologists

Imagine having to figure out how to create bonding agents, composite materials or fueling agents that have to withstand tremendous atmospheric changes, every possible weather condition and measure up to the strictest human safety practices.

Add things like environmental concerns, energy conservation, corrosion and supersonic flight and you can start to see why Chemical Technicians and Technologists are key players in the aviation and aerospace industry. Chemical Technicians work in ultra high-tech clean rooms and operate laboratory equipment and prepare solution, reagents and sample formulations for chemical research, tests and analyses. Chemical Technologists set up and conduct chemical experiments, tests and analysis using techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, physical and chemical separation techniques and microscopy.

If it's in, on or part of anything that flies - from space shuttles and satellites to airplanes and helicopters - Chemical Technicians and Technologists are part of the team that made it happen.


To become a Chemical Technologist or Technician, you have to graduate from high school and complete a two or three-year college or technology institute. See the College and University section for more information.


Chemical Technologists and Technicians can find exciting career opportunities with aircraft and component manufactures, aerospace organizations, the military as well as testing and maintenance facilities.