Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician

While most people are familiar with jet aircraft, there are many regional commuter aircraft, military aircraft and large numbers of small and private aircraft that are propeller-driven.

As a highly skilled and specialized professional, an Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician is responsible for the repair and overhaul of propeller systems. Specific tasks could include blade straightening, leading-edge replacement, dynamic balancing, plating and finishing and troubleshooting. In addition to being meticulous and safety-driven, Aircraft Propeller Systems Technicians must also be able to interpret technical manuals and must have a continued fascination for the principles of flight and aerodynamics.


To be an Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician, you must successfully complete high school and then complete an apprenticeship program or a structured college training program. See the College and University section for more information.


Aircraft Propeller Systems Technicians are highly skilled and specialized professionals. Opportunities lie mainly with larger maintenance organizations and aircraft component and propeller manufacturers. The Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC) can also certify you*.