Aviation Ground Services Attendant

If you look out at the airport terminal grounds and see aircraft coming and going, you are at the same time viewing the busy workplace of the Aviation Ground Services Attendant. The individuals servicing the aircraft fill many roles that require in-depth training.

Every imaginable type of motorized equipment is used to service an aircraft, from pallet loaders, potable water trucks, mobile conveyor belts, tugs for pulling baggage cart trains to hi-speed aircraft tow tractors, if only to name a few.

Ground Services Attendants are the ones who load and unload the aircraft materials, and who are responsible for positioning the baggage/cargo in such a way as to stay within the operating weight and balance limits of the ship (an unbalanced aircraft is an unsafe aircraft!), all the while working to stringent time constraints in a high-noise environment with jet blast hazards.

The Lead attendant is responsible for the final preflight security inspection, and commands the push-back crew. Excellent math and physics skills, environmental awareness, and Hazmat knowledge are but some of the skills necessary to the position. A love of the outdoors, the ability to operate in all weather conditions, and good physical conditioning are assets in this demanding way of life.

This serious role is often the entry level for other positions, especially in large organizations: promotion to Lead or Cargo Loadmaster, for example. Baggage, commissary, cargo, weight and balance controllers can also rise up to management positions, overseeing people/teams, terminal control, gate assignments, and more.

Career Pathway

  • Completion of Secondary School is required.
  • In-Company Training in aviation general practices and specialized courses.
  • Experience and license as an heavy equipment operator, safety training, firefighting
    proficiency, airside security, and driving permit all obtained or facilitated in-company.

Job Titles

Some of the job titles available in this occupation include:

  • Station Attendant
  • Lead Station Attendant
  • Cargo Attendant
  • Commissary Attendant


CAMC Certification is available with a minimum of 1 year's experience in the occupation at
level 1 — Cargo, and 1 more year's experience at level 2 — Passenger.