Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician

The gas turbine was one of the greatest inventions of the last century: it is unique and simple in its basic operation and yet immensely complicated to design and build. In the aviation industry, gas turbine engines are used in jet aircraft and power turbo-prop aircraft

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technicians enjoy a very challenging and rewarding career that requires a high degree of responsibility and skill. Technicians perform the disassembly, inspection, repair, assembly and testing of gas turbine engines in sophisticated shop environments and test cells, complete with computer-assisted systems and leading-edge tools, machinery and techniques.


To become an Aircraft Gas Turbine R&O Technician, you need to successfully complete high school. You'll also need to complete a recognized structured training program in gas turbine repair and overhaul; these courses may be taken at a college or through a company-sponsored program. See the College and University section for more information.


Recent surveys indicate excellent job placement rates with opportunities in engine repair and overhaul facilities as well as airlines, component and propeller overhaul businesses and engine manufacturers. The Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC) can also certify you*.