Aerospace Materials Specialist

The Aerospace Materials Specialist plays a vital behind-the-scenes role in the aviation industry. While some technicians work directly on the aircraft and aircraft parts, you are responsible for ensuring that the technicians always have the right parts, components, and raw materials needed to work on the aircraft.

You become an expert in materials handling — receiving, stocking, moving, or issuing crucial support products like parts, components, sealants, lubricants, and raw materials; you tag and catalogue everything for present and future use. You also become a specialist in customs documentation for import/export, quarantine stores, dangerous goods, and Hazmat handling. The aircraft cannot fly until you make certain that the techs have everything they need to get it ready.

The average modern jetliner consists of millions of pieces, parts, and sub-assemblies; just like a puzzle-solver, the ability to keep track of all these complex parts and components, and the ability to know where each piece is supposed to fit is critical to this key support role. Other techs may know how to work on their parts, but you always know exactly which parts they need, where to find them, and how to get it to them. If you like troubleshooting, and possess a knack for organization and logistics, then being an Aerospace Materials Specialist is definitely the way to go.

Career Pathway

  • Completion of Secondary School required.
  • Experience as an aviation stock keeper or aviation maintenance technician is also an asset to becoming an Aerospace Materials Specialist.

Aerospace Materials Specialists are predominantly employed by major airlines and large repair and overhaul organizations.

Job Titles

Some of the job titles available in this occupation include:

  • Import/Export Specialist
  • Materials Technologist
  • Shipping/Receiving Agent
  • Hazmat Specialist
  • Aviation Stock keeper



CAMC Certification is available with a minimum of 1 year's experience for level 1 specialists, and 2 years' experience for level 2 specialists.